Sunday, December 25, 2016

Hardwicke House

23rd Dec 2016

We parked our car in the tiny squeezy parking lot of The Vouk as we are having our little staycation at One Mansion @ Vouk. I don't know how we got separated in the parking lot while trying to find the right exit to the lobby (directions are nowhere to be seen). Finally after traversing down several floors of parking lot, I followed the sign to the lobby and ended up in the lobby of Vouk hotel which is not where I wanted to be. To get to One Mansion's lobby, I had to walk outdoor (it was raining) and enter the building from the other side. 

As I walked, I stumbled upon this beautiful building sitting in between Vouk Hotel and One Mansion. Before I knew it, I was sucked into it and was peering at the deeee-li-ciouss looking desserts beautifully displayed next to the yummm-ilicious gelatos. The chocolate mousse in the sphere glass bowl caught my eye. I secretly made a pack with it and promised it that I will be back as it is MINE...muahaha!

Isn't it beautiful?

The next morning, I was so excited as I will soon be with my chocolate mousse. I think we were the first customer of the day as the waiters, all crisply dressed were being briefed. Little did I know the place was only opened 2 days ago. No wonder all the fancy flower pods.

We chose a seat by the window as we were presented with their menu. 

While waiting for our orders to be served, I popped over to the dessert bar. 
There you are, I am back for you!

Who says you can't have dessert for breakfast? 

My chocolate mousse! 

So how was the desserts? 
The cheesecake was brought out of the chiller so it was a bit hard but I've made cheesecakes before and this means the cheese cake is dense and full of cheesy-cream goodness. I like it as it melts in your mouth but others can try to leave it for a couple of minutes to slightly soften. I am a fan of CBTL's cheesecake and this one is similarly as good. 

As for the chocolate mousse. It was aesthetically pleasant and so was the taste. Rich creamy chocolate mousse that just melts in your mouth. It was sandwiched between a top chocolate glaze and a sandy biscuit base. I gave the chef a thumbs up for the ability of not drowning the base from the liquidy top that otherwise would cause a hardened un-scoopable base. 

This was complimentary and I was drawn to the pretty orange swirls. Normally, we will be served with just plain butter and this shows little things like this count towards the experience. It seemed to me that the orange swirls are a concoction of butter and cheese. 

My grilled chicken was served not by one but TWO waiters. It was presented in a silver cloche where one waiter opened the dome while another announced the dish and laying it on my table. Talk about fine dining at breakfast brunch :)

Again, it was beautifully presented where the chicken rested on top of potatoes au gratin and mushrooms. Then, it was trickled with savoury sauces and topped off with some leafy thingy. Unlike the usual mash potatoes, the potatoes are layered that reminded me of a lasagna. 

I was so full after the dish that I stared at my beloved chocolate mousse. I didn't gave it justice but I can't leave it here looking barely touched. After all, it was $13. I asked if I can take-away the mousse and the waiter like " can't take our glass spheres away yow!" OK-OK, maybe that's not how it was said. He needed to check and came back with a container for me. Yes! I am taking it home but after I scooped it and laid it into the container, it looked like a hot mess. More like some chocolate "muar chee". Hmmm

The total cost was slightly over $50 which I think is reasonable for the quality food, ambiance and service received. 

Then, it was time to explore the place. Hardwicke House - which I won't go into detail, is a heritage building and it has two floors. We ate at the ground floor but if I am going there again, I would dine upstairs as it's brighter and airier. 

I am not a professional photographer but the beauty of this place will make a noob like me to have pictures that seemed to pop right from interior design magazines (at least that's what I think)

Oh, it has a wine cellar where one can smoke a cigar and chill here. 

Pleasing a girl or a guy (no sexist here), this is the new place to be. If one doesn't have night vision problems to read its menu, night time is most romantic here. 

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Las Vegas: Gordon Ramsey's Burgr Joint

4th Nov 2012

In Vegas, you get to have your breakfast made by celebrity chefs and who's our notoriously fiery chef we are about to visit today?