Sunday, June 14, 2015

day 2 : Krabi Tipa Resort & lazying

Sun - 31 Mar 2015

Palace Ao Nang is a decent hotel but as it is just on the main streets of Ao nang, you'd expect traffic noises. I was woken up several times with noises from bikers, the ever beeping honks of Song-Thew and amplified advertisements from drive-by vehicles. Anyhow, this is just a one night only hotel as we'll be checking in Krabi Tipa Resort today just across the street.

While waiting for a group of tourists to check-in, I had a little exploration at the hotel's lobby. The resort is beautifully maintained. With blue and white coastal hues.

It was just 1230 and we were lucky that our room is already available. Normal check-in time is 2PM.
We got a deluxe suite at the top of the hill. Secluded amongst greeneries and overlooking the beach. This my friend is where we'll spend the rest of our days in Krabi

Kids play room

Outdoor restaurant and bar

Welcome drinks to cool us down

A little up hill walk to our suite. 

Adjacent suites. I got a feeling we'll be feasted by mosquitoes tonight!

The suites are surrounded by lush greeneries. We've met squirrels, fireflies, komodo dragon and a dead snake. Not forgetting hundreds of crickets or whatever insects that made a permanent noise in the forest. 

The personalized touches

We had a little walk along Ao Nang and checked out the beautiful beach.

Lunch @ Siti Cafe - Pineapple fried rice, green curry rice and a bottle of plain water for 280 Baht.
The pineapple fried rice is really yummy! Ao Nang restaurants are pricier.

We wanted to check out Tesco Lotus just about 3km from heart of Ao Nang. Tuk Tuk costs 50 Baht per pax and they refused any bargain. The night before, we headed to Krabi Town at least 3 times the distance for just 60 Baht. So, we walked away and got the bus-uncle's help to hail a Song-Thew for us. Price paid 30 Baht per pax. A little bit cheaper but I am always in for any bargain.

Bus-Uncle = The old dude we found that helps tourists get transportation in Ao Nang. I don't know if he's official or a "Tai Kor" there but he does help us a few times to get the best transport rates.

Tesco Lotus was smaller than I thought. It's more like a mini mart. What we found is pretty much priced the same as the convenience shops in Ao Nang. Though, they have some stuff that you don't find in convenience shops. Though, we spent about 680 Baht here buying junks :)

After our little shopping, we bought our dinner at Banana House just opposite Tesco. The price was half of Ao Nang's restaurant.

Dinner @ Banana House: Stir fried chicken with basil - 60 Baht. Fried Rice - 50 Baht. 110 Baht in total which is less than half of lunch's total.


Krabi Tipa Resort in the evening. Time to enjoy our suite.  

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