Sunday, June 21, 2015

day 3 : Ao Nang Sunset & more lazying

Mon - 1st June 2015

Komodo dragon at our door step today! I was just walking out from our room when there was a loud noise coming out from the bushes. It felt just next to me. I didn't flee and I think I "flew" to Hobs. "What was that?, "What's that thing?".

Hobs managed to find the huge creature. I think it was heading for the fruits (not me). I'll tell you more about all the animal friends living around our chalet.

Today is Monday. If not for this holiday, I will be at work. What a life...

Yesterday afternoon, we had a short walk by the beautiful Ao Nang beach. An idea concocted in my head. I wanna watch the sunrise at this beach. It'll be so romantic. It's really impossible to catch me waking up as early as 5:30AM but my will is strong. I gotta! I can do this! I can really do this!!

In fact, my will was so strong that it kept me awake for the whole night. OMG! I kept waking up fearing I couldn't wake up on time. As soon as my alarm set off, I sprang out of bed. Brushed my teeth and changed. I was psyched! Wake up Hobbes!

"What's that sound?", I asked Hobbes as we slipped into our shoes. I opened the door and was greeted by the most generous down pour.

Words can't describe how I was rolling on the floor from one end to another. How? What? Why the gods did that? Whyyyyy......

Fully wide awake now, there's no point going back to sleep. Hey, breakfast should be served. It was a little past 6AM and we were the first to arrive for breakfast. This is incredibly strange as normally, we would be only coming in for breakfast at 9:30Am. Not because we woke up at 9AM but breakfast will end at 10AM. Tee Hee...It's strange to see whole serving of breakfast buffet untouched by anyone else. Normally, what we saw was left overs. So, this time, I get to take some decent breakfast shots :)

Sunny side up were served to our table. No need for any request. Cool!

I mentioned about meeting some wild animals by our suites. Here they are...the playful pair of squirrels, the Komodo dragon that scares myself and itself (I made sure I didn't walk too near to the bushes the next time) and the squished baby snake. It was dead when we saw it. RIP.

Have you ever wake up on a rainy day and dreaded to go to work? Wishing that you can just continue to sleep in? Well, today my wish came true. There's really nothing to do after breakfast on a gloomy day and what's better to do than curling up on the huge bed...Zzzz

I don't know how long we slept but we were woken up by our own hunger. We also needed to book the 7 island trip so off we went. It was low season and tour companies were giving 50% discount from published rate. We got the discounted price plus bargained a little bit for 700 Baht per pax. Generally, I think there are 2 main tour operators for the 7 islands trip. Lucky Last Tour and Mariam Travel & Tour. There are mixed reviews for these tours. Some said it's bad and some say it's really good. However, the latter has lesser complaints. So, I decided to leave it to fate and just go with it. You can book this tour with any agent on the Ao Nang strip.

Tour: 7 island sunset tour
Tour Operator: Mariam Travel & Tour
Price: 700 Baht per pax (low season rate)
Itinerary: Phra Nang cave, Ta Ming island, Si Island, Poda Island, Mae Urai, Chicken Island, Tup Island, Night swim with bio-luminescent planktons and a fire show.
Includes: BBQ dinner, mask and snorkel, life jacket, drinking water, fruits, national park fee and insurance

Gotta be exciting tomorrow!

The famous pancake shop in a restaurant outside of our resort.

Ordered a banana nutella pancake as I looove chocolates!

Walking around Ao Nang, you may hear buzzing noises at the top of your head. They looked like they can explode at anytime!

It's a real dog

It's dinner time. Hobbes spotted Family restaurant in Ao Nang serving food from 50 Baht. That's a steal. So off we go.

Dinner: Family Restaurant
Price: Pad Thai - 50 Baht. Sweet and Sour chicken - probably 60 Baht.

After dinner, it's just 8:30PM. Since we slept most of the day away, it's too early to go to bed. We decided to stroll along Ao Nang and its beach.

It's a little bit creepy as the path way is dark towards our suite. The actual scene was darker than the picture. Hurry up, lock the door before the Komodo dragon joins us in the room. 

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