Sunday, May 29, 2016

Las Vegas - M&Ms World

3rd Nov 2012

Who can resist those melt in your mouth not in your hands chocolates? The M&M's World does not only have two floors but FOUR floors of everything you can dream of when it comes to your favorite chocolate candies. 

On our way back from the spectacular KA by Cirque Du Soleil, we passed by the M&M's World. One will never expect the supernatural powers this cute M&Ms possessed. Before you know it, you'll be inside the shop acting like a kid or stashing your basket with M&Ms goodies. 

M&M dispenser zone. Sian Hwa cannot stop smiling.

I had an image of myself opening my mouth while opening the dispenser tab. Let em fill up in my mouth :)

Recently, I saw a celebrity home where they built these candy dispensers in their living room. Giving them endless supply of chocolate and candies. OMG...

Apart from M&Ms chocolates, you can also get your favourite M&M's merchandise, take a picture with the giant M&Ms or play some games. Though they are more suitable for kids. Hehe...

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