Saturday, November 14, 2015

17 mile scenic drive

28 June 2014

Welcome to Pebble Beach and Del Monte Forest. The home of the 17-Mile Drive. There's a little entrance fee to enter the area then you'll be given a map and off you go!

We drove pass the Inn at Spanish Bay and took a short stroll along the windy shoreline. 

Beautiful white sands and gusty wind. We were really chilled to the bones.

No, Mama!


It ain't easy to have the infamous jumping shot when the wind is so strong. This one looked like I had a gold tooth from my necklace but heck, that's the best shot I could get!

He said he wanted to stop the wave...looks pretty convincing from here

Views along the drive...

Here we have it! One of California's prominent landmark - The Lone Cypress.
Standing tall all lonely by itself on a rocky perch for more than 250 years. 

Alone with the Lone Cypress (Thanks to clever image cropping)

We didn't stop by the Ghost Tree but there were many similar white washed tree trunks in distorted forms. 

Nestled in Stillwater Cove lies The Lodge - the heart and soul of Pebble Beach where the rich come for a tee off. 

The interior of The Lodge was so elegant and classy. I felt so under-dressed standing in the luxurious lobby. The garden perfectly manicured. Surrounding the area lies a few shops.

What's out there?

An outdoor deck for a wine and dine

Out from the lobby and into the world famous Pebble Beach Golf Links. The beautiful backdrop is just perfect for a dream golfing destination. No golfing for us but we cant help but to run and roll around the green, green grass with fresh breeze from the waters. 


Time to bid adios. Maybe my next lifetime I will be here playing golf with the rich and famous, huh?

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