Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chillin in Perth-Brunei:Day 9

8th April 2001

At 9:00am sharp, Aubrey rang us and we loaded everything up his car. We had our breakfast in the airport. Our plane, which was supposed to take off at 11:20am was delayed to 12:00pm because of the change of flight. The plane was really small. I dozed on and off in the plane/ we reached Bandar Seri Begawan at 5:10pm. Only 10% of the people on board stayed back in Brunei. We got our luggage and soon I saw two Brunei relatives greeting us. Suddenly from behind them came a huge group of people. I think there was about 30 of them welcoming us. Suddenly I felt like a superstar out from the plane. Well, we shook hands with them in a traditional Malay style we were to choose between four cars to get us back to their house. We chatted for a while and later we took our bath.

We got ready to go to the famous Jerudong Park. I guess that was the only attraction in Brunei. We had dinner there. After that, we walked to the park. The park was indeed very beautiful. It is just like the game Roller Coaster Tycoon come to like. There were about 39 rides. Right now, the rides were not free of charge. Only a few mild rides were free. I had a go at three rides.

The first one took us up about 60 feet and we had a good view on the park and part of the city as it rotated. Then I saw the most challenging ride. It was something like a roller coaster only that it is shorter and looks more dangerous. I saw those people that just came out of the ride. They were perspiring and clutching their heart like it’s going to jump out. They kept luring us to the ride. At last my cousin and his brother joined me for the ride.

It hauled us up about 50 feet. We were placed up there for about eternity. Probably they are building the suspense. I was thinking “Am I really doing this?”

Suddenly, we plunged to the ground in a mind blowing speed. From there, we experienced a series of 360 all at different heights and formations. That was the best part of the ride. Before we could catch our breath, it hauled us up to the reverse end. This time, we will be dropped off backwards. We went on twisting and turning. . I guess I was screaming all the way. One moment I could see the sly, the next moment I was facing the grass. When the ride finally ended, my head was spinning and I could not walk properly. They were laughing at us. After that I suddenly became hyper active. I couldn’t stop grinning. We went for another ride. It was a water ride. That was very fun too. It has three levels. Each level will lead to a higher fall. The first drop was mild, the next one got higher and this time we were dropped back first. The last one was the most intimidating. It slowly hailed us up about 30 feet. We were brought to a very dark cave. The water flowed slowly and the only light we could see was the tunnel where we will be dropped off. It’s just like we are going to drop down a from a water fall. As it drew closer, I kept on saying that I was scared. We fell down in a big splash. Before we could regain ourselves, we were dropped again, we were wet as a ducks when we came out but it was indeed very amusing. Later we walked around the park. There was a karaoke singing session. Anyone can go up and shoe their “talent”. Dad got really tired and wanted to go home. So that was another exciting day in Brunei.

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