Friday, January 1, 2016

Bali #3: Pura Batuan & Tanah Lot

1st Dec 2015

After Gunung Kawi, we stopped by another temple called "Pura Batuan" translated as Stone Temple Pilots. Then to the #1 tourist attraction Tanah Lot. 

Pura Batuan, Sukawati. It's a small temple but we stopped by for a jiffy since it's along the way. 

Entrance Fee: By donation. There are no "thugs" here so donate as you wish.
Sarong: Colorful sarong provided by the temple

We had our lunch at Malioboro. Quickly check into our hotel and decided to drop by at Cozy Spa for an appointment since it was highly recommended. To be covered in another post. It was 5PM and there was a miscommunication as the driver thought we cancelled Tanah Lot and replaced with Gunung Kawi. It was a little hiccup and he sounded upset and the bad traffic did not help. I felt bad and I flipped my phone and there it was, I DID wrote the whole itinerary to him and it included Tanah Lot. Actually, we paid for a 10 hour driver and the elapse time was 6 hours. Anyway, we sorted things out and he gracefully took us to Tanah Lot. 

I kept looking at the sun hoping that it will wait for us and we were rewarded...

We ran in like sun hoarders as the driver dropped us at the fastest route to reach Tanah Lot. Please, please let me catch the sunset. There were hordes of tourists getting their best spots for the sunset.

This is not the first time I've been here but it felt different. I don't remember the bordered elevation overlooking the temples. At one point I felt "lost" as it doesn't look and feel like the Tanah Lot I've been before. I remember walking across the shallow waters towards the temple but right now, I am at the top of a hill? 

Entrance Fee: IDR 10K adult, IDR7.5K child
Parking: Car 5K

That's when I realized, there are two entrances to Tanah Lot. LOL! The one we used last time was at the lower level where we have to walk past stalls.  No matter which one you take, there's a pathway to lead from one to another. I'd recommend the upper level entrance as it reaches the attraction faster. 

The magnificent sunset view in Tanah Lot. 

So this is the side we've been last time. I remember we were playing with the crashing waves. 

As  you can see, I was so mesmerized by the crashing waves. Believe me, these are some of the hundreds pictures I took on the waves.

So one could not resist, I had to get closer to the wave. 

It's getting dark but we were so inspired by the elements we took pictures until the last drop of sunlight. 

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