Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chillin in Perth-Brunei:Day7

6th April 2001

Today, my Dad and I took the train to Fremantle. The ticket costs only AU$2:70 for an adult. It took us half an hour to reach Fremantle. The train stopped about 10 seconds at several terminals.

Finally we reached Fremantle. Since today is Friday, there wasn’t a lot of people like the other day. We went to Miss Maud to have our breakfast. I had toasted bread with cheese and eggs complimented with a cup of marshmallow chocolate milk. Breakfast was very good. Then free we walked around and tool the CAR (Central Area Transit) around Fremantle. The CAR is a free bus service in Australia. They have the blue CAT and the red CAR. We bought some souveniers and suddenly it started to rain ( hasn’t been raining for the past 5 months. We ran all the way ti the train station. The train was ready to go when we get there. We quickly got our ticket and jumped into it. Halfway through the journey back to Perth, suddenly the officers asked for our train ticket. Many people use the train without paying. Those who were caught will be fined AU$50. they might end up in jail too. So I took out my ticket and showed the officer. I passed the test and he went to check on the others. Later, I took out my ticket and sound that I showed hi, the wrong ticket. The ticket that I showed him was from Perth and it has expired. Then I forgot where I placed the ticket from Fremantle. I frantically searched for it and luckily I found it. But anyway, the officer didn’t know anything about this :P

We went back to the hotel and to freshen ourselves. After that, we went out again. We took the CAR around and we went to the Bell Tower. The tower had just been opened to the public so they won’t be charging any tickets until next Wednesday. We saw about nine gigantic bells inside the tower. Too bad the bells weren’t ringing. At the highest floor, we had a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. The tower was built in a way that one could bear the strange howling of the wind. At the other side of the building, I had a bird’s eye view of Perth City.

We wrapped up that day by enjoying a Malaysian style curry noodle. It was getting very cold outside. We went back to our hotel. Then, we received a phone call from Ron (Sharon’s husband). He will be fetching us to his house to meet up with his children. They had three kids-Bradley, Trent and Lashay. We had another Chinese dinner (though I do wanna try more Aussie food )
Later, Bradley showed me his computer and all of his games. Sheree came in and asked me whether I wanted to join them for a movie. My dad said it would be good for me to follow them. So, I went with them but it was a little too late for a show. The last session (9:20) had just started. Sheree, Bradley, Russell and I went bowling instead. It wasn’t compulsory in Malaysia. We reached the alley and bowled our way past midnight. I feel pretty dumb cause they were talking in an Aussie way and that they have to keep repeating themselves before I finally understand what they are talking about.

The alley was liven with DJs spinning songs. At certain hours, the DJ will come up to each lane and play a little fame with the customers. He came up to our lane and asked Brad to turn around and bowl between his legs. After that , he asked me to bowl between Russell’s legs. I almost knocked his legs off! Participated in the little game gave me a chance to Spin the Wheel. I won a AU$5 token which I later gave it to Bradley.

My thumb started to hurt real bad and I had to bowl with my left hand. We waited until it was 12 something as they will be giving away a free Jennifer Lopez’s CD. Brad got lucky and got away with it. We headed to my hotel and it was 1 something before I could doze off.

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