Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chillin in Perth-Brunei:Day 6

5th April 2001

Today my dad, Nancy and I went around Perth city to shop. We didn’t get much anyway. Nancy wanted to post some postcards. So we went to the post office. The post office was furnished with wooded furniture and looked very old and cozy. There was a large room for people to write and paste their stamps. I don’t see such places in Penang. Where people can sit down at the post office, find their own comfort spot and write letters to their loved ones.

The weather today was terrific. It was partly cloudy. Not too cold and not too warm. We had our lunch at a French restaurant in a typical Western environment with old buildings lining up the narrow street. It feels like we are in a typical European country 0 may be in France. As we supped our drinks, we let the world pass us by. People were walking up and down the narrow street.

We went back to our hotel as Mr. Khoo, my dad’s friend was waiting to take us around. We waited for him. Mr. Khoo finally called and said that he had accidentally put in the wrong petrol for his car and he had to take the car to the mechanic to drain out the oil . I rested for about an hour while waiting for Mr Khoo to arrive.

Later, Mr. Khoo came and he took us to Kind’s Park. We had a good look at Perth city. Then we went to Swan River. This time I get to see the swans in the river up close. There were many black swams and dad said tat last time, there were more swans and most of the swans he saw was white in colour. I guess nobody clean them? :P

Next, Mr. Khoo took us back to his place. His house was located near to the railway station. We walked in the cold to the station. We learnt the routes and how to use the train. After that, he brought us to a shopping complex to have our dinner. I learnt that most of the car parks in Australia are free. I had a Mexican style dinner. It looked like “nasi kunyit”(sticky rice) with chicken and vegetable. Mr. Khoo showed us the Church where he works as a chef. After dinner. We went to the Bell Tower. We didn’t go in there but we get to see the small harbour. There were a few restaurants nearby but they looked deserted. I was told that the restaurant charged a lot and not many people could afford them. Nancy will be leaving the next day so we had to go back to the hotel and let her pack. We exchanged goodbyes and bit each other good night.

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