Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bali #3: Sapu Lidi Resort @ Ubud

29th & 30th Nov 2015

Not the first trip, not the second trip but the third trip to Bali! This charming Indonesian island kept drawing me back. Since we've been to all the top attractions in Bali, this trip will be purely focused on INDULGENCE :)

We traveled up north from Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar to the heart of Bali - Ubud. 

Duration: 1.5 hours
Private pick-up: IDR400K

Now the price was pretty steep to Ubud. Reading the Bali Taxi Rates 2015, the flat rate to Ubud was IDR300K to central Ubud. Depending on your luck, you may reach Ubud within that rate OR if you meet a devious taxi driver, you may be in for a ride and ended up paying up more and ruining your vacation. The price between a freelance driver and the hotel transport is almost the same so we booked the hotel transport as they'd be darn sure where the hotel is. 

As we exit the arrivals building, our driver was holding up our placard. Boy, was I glad we pre-booked our ride as even with our driver around, we were horded by seas of drivers. 

Sapu Lidi Resort

As we stepped into the resort, traffic noise halt and we were trasnported into a different realm. 
The walk towards our room was a sight to behold. The village or "kampung" realm presented itself with lush greeneries, birds chirping & river flowing.  

Alas we've reached our room. Hang on, it's not a room. It's a private villa!

The view from our villa. Gaze into the paddy fields and maybe meet a gecko, duck, firefly, bee, cock or a crane. Not making this up as some came right up our balcony. Hehe... 

The paddy fields are not made up for the sake of the villas' decoration. Farmers are seen mending their fields daily. 

My favourite part of the villa was the ultra spacious outdoor bathroom. It's the biggest bathroom I've ever been that you can fit a bubble party in it. Hmm.....not a bad idea!

It's really hot outside and with such tranquility, one will just want to laze in the resort and enjoy its offering. Seriously, why would you want to leave this haven?

The top attraction was its infinity pool overlooking the paddy fields. It felt so exclusive with just us in the pool. Like the whole place is reserved for us only. The water was luke warm. I could be in this pool forever gazing up the clear blue sky, watching the coconut trees sway, listening to the birds chirping.

Pool View 

If it wasn't for our rumbling tummy, we wouldn't have got out of the pool. One of the cool thing about this resort is its complimentary shuttle to Ubud city center leaving on the hour in every 2 hours. Picking up folks back on every 30 mins past the hour every 2 hours. It also offers transport of IDR70K one way for any areas within Ubud. More to come on the Ubud city tour as we caught the ride to get some dinner in town.


Breakfast in Sapu Lidi is made to order. 

After breakfast, we continued to other areas of the resort. 
The zen-pond 

Some villas rose from the pond. It's cool but I would probably fall into the pond one fine morning with no railings around.

One of the pavilion overlooking the pond for yoga classes. 

 The place is very spiritual as well with an elderly laying down offerings to the Gods or spirit around the villa before dawn daily. 

Spirit Rock

What's up with this picture?

This ladies and gents is the object where the resort is named after. "Sapu Lidi" - Made of wooden sticks normally used in gardens. Not a common object in cities anymore but I can remember grandma used to have these. Its unique design was effective to separate leaves from dirt. Some uses it to sweep off water puddles. It's easy to dry and clean as well. I used to play with one of these when I was young and those sticks kept separating off from the bunch. I guess that's the down side and one have to bend over to sweep which isn't good for the backs (modern world problems)

As the night fall, I am going to indulge in my bubble bath while looking up the starry skies of Bali. 

Private transport to Sapu Lidi Ubud: IDR400K
Sapu Lidi to/from Ubud Center: Free


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