Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chillin in Perth-Brunei:Day1

31st March 2001 - The kick off

The day we departed from Penang to Australia. At 6:20 in the morning, dad like usual started to panic and worry that we will miss the plane. We finally arrived in the airport and boarded the plane called MH2610 and took off at 8:20am. It was a 40 minutes flight and we were served drinks and snacks along the way. WE arrived at KLIA at 9:00am. That was the first time I have ever been in KLIA…the second time I guess. We only went to the control tower the other time. Anyway, the main building is really huge. Since our flight is due only at 11:20am, we have plenty of time to loiter around the place. We tool the Aero train from to the departure building. They have two Aero trains to transport passengers between the two buildings. Passengers will only have to wait for about 2 minutes before an Aero train arrives. I had McDonald’s for breakfast as I did not have chance in the morning. After breakfast, I checked out the toilet. It’s very easy to find a toilet at KLIA as toilets are located at every corner of the building. The toilet itself was really nice. It has an auto sensory system and will flush automatically after you use it.

After that, we took the elevator up to level 5 to meet up with our tour guide. He had all our air tickets ready and gave us a short briefing on what we have to do when we arrive in Brunei. His name is Daniel. From there, I had the first glimpse of the people in our tour. I also learnt that our group was really small which consisted of only 10 people (including me and my dad). Soon, we boarded the place. The place departed from KL at 12:00pm and arrived at Bandar Seri Begawan at 2:09pm.

It was the first time I’ve stepped in Brunei. The airport is really small. We have to take a bus to the main building. What do I mean by small? … well only one person can walk on the stairs at a time. After that, we got our passport checked and stamped. We departed from Bandar Seri Begawan at 3:30pm. The journey to Perth took us 5 hours.

We arrived at Australia at 9:04pm. The customs in Australia were very strict. We need to declare all our food and medicine before we were allowed to go. Outside, we were greeted by strong wind and I almost flew off!... well okay maybe I’m exaggerating. Were then transported to our hotel with a van. Daniel gave us short briefing again. Later on, the van driver who is an Aussie gave us a talk about Australia. It was pretty hard to know what he was saying as he had an extremely deep Australian accent. Soon we arrived at our hotel. The sight of it shocked us s bit because it was located in a housing area and looks pretty small. Acacia is the name of the hotel. I actually get to know later that “Acacia” is the name of a desert flower in Australia. My room was 49. We were told that our morning call would be at 7:00 am.

The first thing I discovered in Australia was that, they have a full flush and a half flushes system. Probably they are saving water, as they don’t receive a lot of rain in this part of the world. After flying for the whole day, I got really tired and fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

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