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28 June 2014

It has been a wonderful day! This morning we were at Monterey Bay and doing the 17-Mile Drive. Now, we're at Carmel also known as Carmel-By-The-Sea. 

Carmel is a beautiful quaint town that looks like it came out of a movie. With beautiful array of shops, restaurants and manicured surroundings, it exudes a romantic atmosphere. Unlike the bustling downtown San Francisco filled with tourists, Carmel is a perfect getaway. Thinking back about this place puts a longing feeling to return to Carmel.

Juicy succulents compared to my poor ones at home. 

Strolling down the streets. Window shopping is a must! 
Did I mention that Carmel houses many art galleries too? 

Did I also mention that this place is filled with rich people too?

 I fell in love with this beautiful Mediterranean inspired stairs. 

Also so in love with the creeping plants 

So in love until the pipe shop had this scary sign!

Running away from the shop, we stumbled into a little alley. Not sure what was in there but the mysterious feel and the crawling trees lured us further in.

At the end of the alley lies a cute little house! What an Enid Blyton moment. 
The house is actually a gallery of Thomas Kinkade. One of the featured artist in Carmel. We love his colorful art. 

The Carmel Plaza. 

Beautiful live music at the center of the plaza as patrons wine and dine among the garden and by their personalized fire place.

It was getting pretty dark and we had an Italian dinner at this restaurant which I do not remember its name :(

If you ever go to Carmel and you see a restaurant with this beautiful wallpaper, please tell me its name :)

We were wrapping up our day to head back to San Francisco. Thanks to Aunt Sharon and Uncle Stan for this wonderful trip! Here's an awesome business hours sign that I think sometimes, our work life should be like this.

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