Friday, November 2, 2007

Tokyo Drift - Pilot

Tokyo Drift - Episode 1

Today came the day I am waiting for. How long have I been waiting? Probably ever since this whole year. I can finally get away from this place. Free my mind, body and soul. So where am I going? Bingo! It’s Tokyo.

I was still taking my own sweet time taking my bath and polishing my nails. Then my friend, Su, who will be going with me called.

”Hey where are you?”“ At home. You reached already?” I asked.“Yeah. Faster come!”
I looked at the clock. Still 2 hours away from take off. Then my mom called asking me to be quick. OK. I think I am running just a little late. I did my final item checks. Grab my back pack and trolley bag downstairs.

My brothers were just back from shopping when I was about to leave. Well, all of them got in the car and we drove off to the airport. I called my dad along the way saying I’ll be taking off. Dad was so funny and called twice reminding me to switch off my phone while in the plane and called again asking me not to take those roller coaster rides.

I waved to my mom & brothers and went into the airport. There I saw Su with her “rombongan” aka escourts to bid her farewell. Su’s mom was like “How come she came here alone. Where are your own “rombongan”? Su was laughing all the way when she showed me her mom, brother, aunties and grandpa. I was like, cool, let’s take a picture together.
It was just about 15 minutes later when we checked into the domestic flight to KLIA. We have to wait there for an hour. Chatting excitedly and still cant believe we are really on a flight to Tokyo.

9:30 PM, our little MH1165 plane touchdown at KLIA. At that time, we tried to call our tour agent, Jujuku (*name has been changed la!, LOL). We asked her to call us and brief us where we should meet. But after quite some time, she sent us a message telling us to meet at Gate 70. I started comparing this tour with the one I took to Korea last year. This tour’s service was extremely bad. I remembered, last year, we were gathered in Penang International Airport. The tour agent took good care of us. Giving us ribbons to tie on our luggage and sling backs to keep our passports. She escourted us all the way to KLIA and brought us to our connecting flight.

Right now, we are standing here in KLIA. Luckily I’ve been through this last year and got us to the correct gate from the domestic to the international flight building. We were waiting for our tour manager to contact us. But voila! Nothing. So we decided to text her. Ha! Instead of calling, she text us back asking us to meet at Gate 70. You know KLIA is pretty big and with all our luggage, we walked towards Gate 70. Then, there was nobody there. Only a couple of people sleeping on the couch. We were already pretty mad. With the bad service and all, we text her back. A few minutes later, she called and told us that we should check our flight tickets. The plane is bound at 11:30pm. Now it’s still early! What the? Is she playing games or thought we were that stupid?

Anyway, we decided to cool off and headed to Burger King. A few minutes later, our tour manager called, checking if we are all right. She told us she will be wearing a Reliance jacket and will be waiting at Gate 70. Ha!

After dinner, we walked back to Gate 70. Our eyes on the lookout for the lady dressed in Reliance jacket. Nope. We cant find her. We saw a bunch of people dressed in fluorescent green jackets. Are they our tour mates? Su and I looked at each other. Puzzled.

So we decided again to do things on our own. We checked in and waited. Then I received a message “I will meet you in the plane. Are you dressed in white?” I showed Su the message and she’s like…why is she acting so mysterious? Why meet in the plane when she can meet us here and tell brief us something? So we decided to play “Guess What our Tour Manager Looks Like”.
We guessed. Short hair. Not very tall. Wears glasses… etc.

While we were chatting away, suddenly came a lady and she dropped her bag beside Su. She smiled at us. In a second we thought – who the … Oh ok! It’s our tour manager, Jujuku. She handed us some declaration forms to fill up. Then walked away and sat at the other corner. Talking about friendly tour manager here. Tsk…Tsk… Well, at least we almost got it right. She looked like what we’ve guessed except she did not wear glasses.

11:35pm. We boarded MH 88 to Narita Airport in Tokyo. The plane is nicer than the one I took to Korea. It had a personalized in-house entertainment system where we can listen to Hits, play games and watch movies. The journey took 6 ½ hour. I came across this song “Mas Que Nada” by Sergio Mendes featuring The Black Eye Peas and fell asleep. The airplane is really not a nice place to sleep in. I tossed and turned and woke up several times to get a better position to sleep. No good. Su woke up and asked me “You called me?”. I was like “No”. She said “But I thought I heard you calling me?”. Hmmm…freaky.

We were woken up 2 hours before landing in Tokyo. Sigh. Just when I was about to sleep again. Breakfast was served. The captain spoke up and told us we will be reaching Tokyo in 30 minutes. OMG. We were sooo excited.

The plane touched down in Narita Airport at about 6:30am. The temperature was 16 Celcius outside. Su and I are basically jumping instead of walking as we finally, yes-finally arrived in Tokyo!

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