Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chillin in Perth-Brunei:Day 8

7 April 2001

This is our last day in Australia.

Early in the morning, we waited for Aubrey to take us for breakfast. He came with his mom and we went to another Malaysian Chinese restaurant to have our breakfast. We drove around town sight seeing.

Later that night, we enjoyed a typical Aussie BBQ. I had lamb. Then, I had a delicious ice cream with fruits. Ron was the one who cooked for us. He was the chef of the day, busy serving us until he didn’t had time to eat his won dinner. We took some photographs and chatted and laughed. The whole atmosphere makes me feel really at home. Everyone was laughing and I just feel a bit sad that I have to leave such a nice bunch of friends here. As we need to leave Australia tomorrow morning, we had to leave and pack our belongings.

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