Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chillin in Perth-Brunei:Day5

4 April 2001

I woke up with telephone call in the morning. My dad said that our tour companions are leaving and wanted to say goodbye to me. I jumped out from my bed. Brushed my teeth and when I finally got down, I was too late. My dad said they had just left. Gosh! I never get to say goodbye to my friends

Well, I had my breakfast them. The same old breakfast again. Nancy. The only one who’s extending her stay like us said she’s following a tour to the aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA). I decided to follow her. The tour will only start at 1:00pm. So we have ample time to spare. We finally got out of the hotel and walked to the city center. We went to confirm our tour. After that, we had our lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant nearby. I had a gigantic bowl of seafood noodle. It was very tasty and I gulped in the whole bowl. After that, Nancy and I went to join the tour. Dad did not follow us because he said he had seen all of this before. The package brought us back to the Caversham Wildlife Park. As we’ve been there before,. Nancy decided to shop in the park’s souvenier shop. I walked around little as we waited for the rest to finish the tour around the park. As I was looking through the cages, suddenly, I stumbled upon a big bird. It was walking around and wasn’t in a cage. The other day, the ranger was telling us that some wild birds killed a man in the bushes. I ran back to the souvenier shop with no second thoughts.

Next, we headed to AWQA. It was quite an amazing trip. The place was divided into 12 areas. There were four main areas for us to view the marine life. They were called the Great Southern (see delicate sea dragons below the cold waters of the Southern Ocean), Temperature Sea (travel through Australia’s largest walk-through aquarium and encounter sharks and graceful stingrays gliding over limestone reefs), Far North (Explore prehistoric world, home of crocodiles, mangroves and stonefish) and Living Ocean (discover the mysterious jellyfish and the wonders of the ocean floor). There was a discovery zone, a discovery pool, a cafĂ©, a theater, a gift and souvenier shop, a marine ARC, a harbour cove and a seal island. At the discovery pool, I touched the fishes, stingrays and also a starfish-ewk they were slimy. We went to the theatre to watch marine films for a few minutes, after that, I went out to look at the seals. We took photographs with them, they were very playful creatures, as they will come up to us as we get nearer to them. At the souvenier shop, I met a really nice lady and we had a chat about our countries.
Time files and we realized that we were late and that everyone was waiting for us in the bus. The tour guide looked really distressed and we apologize to everyone for keeping them waiting for so long.

We got back to our hotel. In the lobby I met Aubrey. He’s my dad;s frend and they were chatting away when we arrived. I excused myself for a bath and later, he took us to his house. We met up with Florence (his mom), Sheree his daughter), Russell (Sheree’s boyfriend) and Sharon (his sister). After chatting at his house for awhile, Aubrey took us to dinner. Before we retreated to our bed, we had a long chat about life and stuff outside of the hotel with Aubrey.

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