Sunday, February 7, 2010

QQ's Garden

It's the time of the year again! Every February where the sun is shining mercilessly on earth, colours start popping up from the otherwise green looking plants. It's like the tropical spring time and it brought more cheer to the coming Chinese New Year.

This is how our garden looks like now...

The national flower blooming mejestically


You can see I don't know the names of most of the flowers in our garden. This is the first one which at first glance I thought it was also an Ixora. Hehe..

Water crest



Monkey Cups

Our little pineapple

Blooming Lily



This strange looking plant reminds me of a prehistoric animal. Mom says it's "Fu Kui Hwa"'s bud


The beauties when it is fully bloomed

Mom says this is Indonesia's "Fu Kui Hwa"

This flower has a velvety touch and resembles a broccoli

What's CNY without a flower dedicated for CNY :)
So mom took the liberty to decorate the house with lots and lots of these...

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Saving the best for last? Well this is the famous "bird-plant" that got all the moms wagging their tongues. Mom and her friends are all ga-ga over it and even John Travolta doing a Saturday Night Fever can't stop them when they start talking about the "bird-plant". My brother and I couldn't understand this phenomenon. When the first "bird" appears, mom was so obsessed with it, she won't let us go near it. I still remember the first time my mom kept asking us to check it out.

Mom: Hey! Go see my bird plant. It's so amazing!
Me: Where is the bird plant?
Mom: Outside, next to the cactus
Me: Where? (not seeing it as I was expecting a plant with a shape of a bird)
Mom: There (pointing at the plant)
Me: Oh! Where is the bird?
Mom: Cant you see? There are 2 birds!
Me: Huh? You call this bird?
Mom: #@%$&

Well OK, after some plant appreciation courses, my eyes are finally tuned to see the bird.

I'll leave you to enjoy them now. Happy New Year everyone!


Hobbeseus said...

awesome collection of home flora !!

HomeBakeCakes said...

the bird plant is something new to me. Never seen those...and they are cute too. No wonder the ladies are all ga-ga over it....LOL

Author: QQ said...

hehe! thank you Hobbeseus for the awesome pix. Haha Aliza I think the bird plant fan club is expanding after this post. OMG!