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Bali #3: Gunung Kawi Temple, North Ubud

1st Dec 2015

I came across a picture of this stone carved shrine. Something about it resonates that it is not from this century. Maybe back in the stone age?  I ran a little research just to find out that this temple is located at the north of Ubud from where we were. Go, we shall...

This morning, we checked out from Sapu Lidi resort to head down to Kuta. We hired a 10-hours day driver for USD 40 (excluding tips) as we'll be doing a few stops along the way.

ITINERARY: Gunung Kawi Temple > Batuan Temple (ad-hoc) > Tanah Lot > Ohana Hotel

Gunung Kawi Temple Entrance Fee: 15K per person
Recommended Duration: At least one hour

We brought our own sarong as most temples require to wear one and some may charge additional sum for sarong rental. If you don't have one, don't fret as rental is still cheap or sometimes free.

I've been fairly warned by others when I spoke about going to this temple judging by my lame stamina as one has to do some stairs climbing under the hot sun.

Going down

More to go? 
Stairs are flanked by stalls inviting you to its fresh soda as you sweat it out. Water....I am dying of dehydration .... OK, OK just overly dramatic. 

And more stairs?

Finally, we've arrived! It really wasn't that bad. Probably a 10-15 mins walk depending on your speed. 

ATTENTION! There was a sign that everyone must sprinkle the holy water provided before entering the temple. So, I did. A couple of tourists walked past me making fun of my act like saying "I don't practice this religion, I am just a tourist why should I sprinkle the water?" Well, I don't practice the same religion but still did it.

So, as soon as they stepped inside the temple, the dude tripped and fell on the hard rocks. 
I was doing the chicken flapping arms and in my mind saying "See...who's laughing now. Muahaha!"

In all seriousness, following this simple request doesn't mean it'll strip you off from your belief? You're simply showing the respect for this temple. If you want to step into another person's sacred place and they welcome you, please adhere to their request. Otherwise, don't come. 

The temple resonates a cool and calm atmosphere with many natural water elements.

Glimpses of the stone carved rocks 

The proportion of the stone carved walls and they looked amazing!

History Time! From research this temple was  built in the 11th century. The 10 stone carvings with 5 flanking each side of the river were said to be funeral monuments in dedication for King Udayana, his wife and three sons. The other 5 monuments were dedicated to his minor queens.

With that said, it's amazing that a temple this OLD is still so well preserved. 

The temple was also strategically placed. I was noticing that the waterfall and water from the top of the cliff will flow down to water catchment surrounding the monuments that sprouts to another level of water catchment and eventually to the stream below. This creates an everlasting tranquil atmosphere surrounding the temple.

Structures found around the temple grounds. One word kept popping in my mind "zaman purba". Reminded me a little bit of my trip in Cappadocia, Turkey

The time has come for me to leave and this is what that is waiting for me! Yikes! 

All I can say is, if this lady can do one shall have any excuse

Gunung Kawi Temple may not be as popular as Tanah Lot or Bedugul but if you're in Ubud, give it a go. Some said it's a hidden gem and I would agree. Temples in Bali sometimes could get very similar and crowded. This is a great choice if you wanted to experience a little difference and not do things like every other Bali tourist :)

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