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Bali #3: Merah Putih Restaurant

12th Dec 2015

As I was searching for good restaurants in Seminyak, this restaurant name kept coming up. Patrons raved its ambiance, food and service. Yes, I put ambiance above food as it is one of the most beautiful restaurant I've ever been! 

Image from Merah Putih 

Reservation is recommended as the restaurant can be busy especially in the evening. So, I made one four days ahead. Call them or make an online reservation in Merah Putih restaurant's website. Just choose if you're going for lunch or dinner, state your party number, select date and time, your particulars and you'll receive a reservation number. Done! 

A day prior to my reservation, I received a reminder from the restaurant. Now, the service has started even before I step into the restaurant :)

On that day, we dressed a little nicer. Made our hair and have them later crushed by our bike helmet. Yes, we rented a bike (best choice ever btw). It'll be all fancy if we could arrive in a car but no....we rode our bike under the scorching sun to a fine dining restaurant. LOL!

The restaurant was about 10 mins from Fave Hotel. We parked our bike and smelled ourselves. Hmm...still smell OK. Haha! Hair - Flattened and wild. We took extra shirt just in case we need to change by the bush. 

OK, ready? Here we go. 

Warm greetings exchanged as I gave my name. Our arrival is forthcoming. Now, the night scene in this restaurant is much more romantic. I contemplated and booked ourselves a lunch instead as it's friendlier to the pocket and I need to get good shots of the food. 

We were ushered through a little pathway that opened up to the heart of the restaurant. 

High canopy-like roof flanked by columns that will be illuminated at night. The restaurant boast its eco-friendly design where the roof captures rainwater that will be purified for the restaurant's use. It felt like a little oasis in here and there were even little birds flying about. The whole setup allows ample natural light into the restaurant while we were being shielded from the scorching sun. Where else can you dine surrounded by tropical trees while still feeling cool throughout your dining experience.

Our table was beside a fish pond where the slight sound of water element tingled another sensory cortex. 

See the stairs behind me? It leads to the restaurant's bar. The restaurant offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages. The bar setting is inviting with plush seats and just enough sun light to set you in the mood while sipping their special cocktail concoction. 

Time to E-A-T! 

Complimentary "Sup Ayam"

Refreshing mocktails

Coconut Mojito
Lychee and Kemangi (IDR 40k)

Nasi Goreng Bali (IDR 85k)
We love fried rice. This is one of the better ones in Bali so far. 

Nasi Ayam Betutu (IDR 120k)
Sure we can get nasi ayam betutu elsewhere but since this is a lunch special, we gave it a go. It came with a nice portion of de-boned organic chicken, green beans, lawar, nuts, quail eggs and garnished with crisps. The dish was bursting with flavors!

Do you know anyone who doesn't like dessert? Seriously, I've never met anyone who doesn't like dessert.

I was taking extra long to decide what to have for dessert as I wanted to eat them all! Ok, ok, don't be greedy and my wallet will be complaining later. So, I settled into a dessert named "Markissa". The description was: Passionfruit ice cream, coconut meringue, hibiscus. The strange combination got me excited.

When Markissa finally arrived, I was star-strucked. I've never seen such a beautiful dessert in my entire life! It's so beautiful, it's sinful to even eat it!

Markissa (IDR 50K)

Right in the middle was the passion fruit ice cream. Swipe it with fresh berries and hibiscus sauce and you'll be in haven :) :) :)

What? Another dessert? 

I've never seen a liquid dessert menu before but boy did I made the right choice to order one. (Self consciously un-guilt myself). 

Again, I spent forever choosing from the menu while the waiter stood by my side. Gosh what to order? I asked for a recommendation. I was eyeing the Balinese White Chocolate as it has chocolate liquor serve with chocolate and passion fruit parfait. I love parfait... Then he said the most popular was the Coconut & Espresso. Bent between both, I contemplated on following the crowd or go with my own instinct. It's always better to be yourself and 5 minutes later, Coconut & Espresso was served. 

I thought the martini would be really tiny (like a shot) but it came in a decent sized martini glass. It has a foamy sweet vanilla top with the rum and coffee base. The martini was paired with a rich truffle sprinkled with coconut strips and fine coffee and chocolate bits. My taste buds were also finely tickled. 

At this point, I was so full and with a grin plastered on my face. More guests poured into the restaurant and I excused myself to the washroom located along the small pathway earlier. The washroom was pitch dark if not from the illuminated lights peeking from the massive mirror. The washroom was clean. After a good meal and with the cool darkness I could just fall asleep in here. 

Along the pathway was also the wine cellar. Look at its collection!

Overall, we spent around IDR 470k which is about RM 150 for 2 person. We had 2 mains, 2 mocktails, 1 dessert and 1 martini dessert. That's worthy for such a "fine dining" experience. I can't wait to return to this place if I ever go back to Bali. This time, I am going to order the Balinese white chocolate martini!

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