Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chillin in Perth-Brunei:Day10

9 April 2001

Today is the last day of my holiday. I kept thinking of my home. The food my mom cook and my bed. Ah Kok (our relative) took us around town. We went to the museum, unlike Australia where we don’t need to take off our shoes even inside the house; we have to leave our shoes outside the museum. In there, I saw all the gifts given by different countries to Brunei. There were many paintings and pictures of the Sultan. I learnt that Brunei is very close to Malaysia especially with Sultan Azlan Shah. There were two gigantic carriages displayed with model soldiers all dressed smartly lining up in front if the carriage. These carriages wee used to carry the Sultan around in the olden days. In the museum, we had to follow the appropriate path and we could not simply walk around just like that. There were guards all over and there were officers checking on our every move. After the museum tour, we had our lunch at the biggest shopping complex. In Brunei… which were only 3 storey.

After lunch, we walked around for a while. Dad was tired again and he wanted to go back for a rest. So we went back/ dad had a good rest but I could not rest! So I went out and talked to my grandfather’s brother’s wife (I dunno how to relate her in a shorter way) she was talking in a deep Brunei accent and I couldn’t catch most of the words she said. Most of the time I was staring at the clock waiting for it to move faster as I cant wait to get out of there. Dad finally came out and joined me to stare at the clock. Finally, the time came. We packed everything and headed to the airport. Like expected, all of our relatives turned up with their kids. All of them were giving us souvenirs. They helped us carry our bags. Gosh! They were really nice people and we came here empty handed.

Finally, we boarded our plane. The plane was fully booked. There was this football team from Yemen who will be joining our flight. That was a good experience too as I’ve never shared a place with a football team. Ah Kok told us that they beat Brunei 5-0. our flight was delayed like usual. We departed at 6:40. we flew for an hour and 50 minutes to KLIA.

Dad was getting worried as we waited for our baggage. And suddenly, I think the coach of the Yemen team shouted at the boy helping out on the luggage. He laced his luggage further a bit from him because the place was full. Anyway, his luggage will rotate to him in just a few seconds. Gosh! How could he do that? That was so rude. We went off to board our plane. As we were walking towards the departure hall, dad suddenly realized he didn’t get a ticket for me. He just got one for himself! So, he went back and at that very moment, the whole computer system broke down. We were left there waiting for almost had an hour. After the systems were up again, we had a rush to catch our plane. At that moment, I felt that the departure gate was located at the far end of the building. The other gates nearer to us were vacant. Why did they want to build an airport so big and why did they want us to walk so far when we could use so many other gates nearer to us?

Finally we got there. It seemed that other passengers were waiting for the few of us who were stranded by the system breakdown. We boarded our plane to Penang. The plane was fully booked too. It took us 40 minutes to reach Penang. This time, we were seated at the extreme back of the plane. I was the last passenger out of the plane. At last home sweet home!

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