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Bali #3: The Fat Turtle Cafe

5th Dec 2015

Seminyak is known for some of its high end restaurants. After indulging in Merah Putih, we planned to fill our tummy in a nice cafe. After all, this is our last day in Bali with some good $$ management, we have some spare cash left. Yahoo! Tourists were raving about The Fat Turtle with its fluffy pancakes and eggs benedict. We love these stuff and have to try it...

It was drizzling this morning and we were riding our bike again to The Fat Turtle. After getting lost yesterday (we over shot & almost rode to Tanah Lot on our way back from Kuta. Haha!), we pretty much knew the small roads and short cuts and finding The Fat Turtle was a breeze. For first timers, keep your eyes peeled for the sign board as you could miss it from the plethora of shops in this area.

The Fat Turtle
Jalan Petitenget No. 886A, Seminyak, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia
(Opposite/Near to Potato Head Club)

Apart from the diners sitting outside, it seemed like we are the second customer of the day. Which is great as I get clear shots of the cafe.

The vintage decor exudes a cozy vibe. It has about 6 indoor tables and 1 outdoor table. Tiny but since we are alone we get to pick the best seat!

Of course I am ordering the pancake! 

Getting all excited, we or (I) ended up ordering ...

1. Two cold pressed juices where we get to pick from their combo or we choose any five fruits or vegetables. I love it when there's a mix & match choice. They came in cute jars with bamboo straws. Yummy! I thought our choice of beetroot overcame the other ingredients. These two jars ended up looking the same. Heheh!

2. Here comes their signature red velvet pancakes. Stacked with cream cheese mousse, accompanied with chocolate cookie crumbs, honey comb and vanilla ice cream. Cute presentation and perfect combination! Though, the pancakes could be fluffier. 

3. Eggs Benedict #2 with smoked gindara, watercress and with splashes of beetroot hollandaise sauce served on top of a bread. The combination of all the ingredients is so tantalizing. No matter how many times I've eaten eggs, I am always excited when those yolks come oozing out. At times, I had the whole yolk in my mouth and the bursting sensation in my mouth.....ooohkay enough of my eggs eating fantasy.

4. Green Tea Churros with sugar sprinkles and came with a honey-like dip. It was recommended by tourists but apart from the green color, I didn't taste any green tea. Hmm...

5. Banana French Toast. Caramelized banana and vanilla ice cream on a french toast. The presentation was again so cute with the perfect combination. 

Our sewing machine table

OK, I think we (I) got greedy and ordered a little too much for two. Those pancakes and banana french toast are really filling. The bill came in a cute little basket. Make the basket 50 times bigger and it could keep a real fighting cock in there (no kidding). These baskets are sometimes used for that.

Red Velvet Pancakes (55K)
Fresh Juice X 2 (70K)
Eggs Benedict #2 (60K)
Banana French Toast (45K)
Green Tea Churros (about 30K)

The bill was 299K (inclusive 15% tax) which is about RM93. It was pretty steep for a cafe. If you enjoy eating yummy & healthy food in Seminyak and don't mind some splurging, you can give this place a try. Since Bali is hot and humid, it's nice to be in a cool & cozy cafe like this one.

Lastly, be adventurous and try some other cafes not featured in travel guides. I am sure there are hidden gems out there. Don't forget to share with me if you find them!

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