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Las Vegas: Gordon Ramsey's Burgr Joint

4th Nov 2012

In Vegas, you get to have your breakfast made by celebrity chefs and who's our notoriously fiery chef we are about to visit today? 

OK, OK, so Gordon Ramsey isn't cooking for us today nor is he in Vegas but wouldn't it be cool to dine in one of his restaurants? Being awarded Michelin stars for his restaurants of course we thread a little caution in terms of HOW MUCH?

Fortunately, his Burgr joint in Vegas is pretty affordable and so off we headed to Hollywood Planet where the restaurant is. 

You can't miss the queue after stepping into Hollywood Planet.  

And so we joined the queue standing next to these flames. One can feel, somewhere in the air, the chef from Hell's Kitchen made a sinister laugh saying "Feeling the heat yet?"

Though the queue was long but we were seated within 20 minutes.

 I ordered the Hell's Kitchen Burger simply because it seems the most appropriate burger to have here. We ordered Truffle Parmesan Fries to share and of course, the highly anticipated shakes. We ordered one with creme brulee pudding + oreo shake + oreo cookie and the other one caramel pudding + chocolate shake + toffee cookie. 

You were also given an ipad listing the menu

While waiting for our order, we feasted our eyes on the waiters and waitresses. It wouldn't be a coincidence that they were all hunky dory and pretty-licious! As we ogled them, I eyed a smartly dressed guy who looks like a model from the runway, he was greeting customers and I think probably he's the supervisor and I was like...walk my way, walk my way but he never came. I really gotta work on my telepathic skills.

Our shakes came first. Sian Hwa & I were like little kids getting all excited over the tall and sinful looking shakes. We lost count on the number of pictures we took with just our shakes. 

Finally, the main course arrived. Ladies and gents, presenting to you the Hell's Kitchen burger.  The burger was built with asadero cheese + roasted jalapeno peppers + avocado + roasted tomato. It looks neat and burgers here are grilled over apple & alder wood. The bun was tall sprinkled with black & white sesame. The taste - it was great but I wouldn't say over the top like you're expecting fireworks to happen after you take a bite. The amount of food we had was overwhelming as you know how cheesy fries, tall burgers and shakes would do to you. 

I was busy chomping my burger when my fork fell. Someone picked it up and gave me a huge smile. It was none other than the handsome supervisor. I couldn't react with my mouth stuffed with burger. I melted like the cheese in my burger and can't eat anymore....

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