Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 7 : 11th May

Good Morning, sadly we have to leave Switzerland today. We had a pit stop at Zurich on the way to Innsbruck.
Austria, here we come!

Austria was actually not in our original plan. Most of you will be thinking, why not Rome, Venice or at least Vienna-Austria's capital? After a lot of consideration on our time; route; distance; sadly, we have to drop the rest as they couldn't fit into our schedule.

We treated Innsbruck as a "pass-through" city with no expectation set whatsoever.

Well, we were quite wrong. Innsbruck is flanked with beautiful snowy mountains which is great for skiing. It's not suprising that this place held the Winter Olympics several times and is popular for winter sports lovers. Here's the sight that greeted us.

After throwing our luggage in the hotels, I went over to open the bathroom window and this is the sight.

If I stick my head outside the window, it looked like this. Isn't this simply an amazing sight while minding your business in the toilet?

Our stomachs were growling as we did not have proper breakfast or lunch. We stopped by this pretty little restaurant nearby and had a wonderful home cooked style meal. I totally loved the spicy chicken spaghetti with kidney beans. It was so delicious I have to go praise the cook.

As it was spring, the day was still bright. We decided to start strolling Innsbruck. It's very easy to reach all of Innsbruck attractions as they were all next to each other. Presenting to you some of the famous buildings and sights in Innsbruck.

Triumphal Arch Maria Theresia

The Golden Roof aka 'Golden Dachl'. This is Innsbruck's prominent symbol and where all tourists came here to see (well at least). Golden Roof became the heart to all the attractions. Just walk towards its N,S,E & W and there you go.


Innsbruck received more fame when Mozart and his father stayed at the Golden Eagle Inn, Innsbruck in 1722. Look at the highlighted part in pink. There were 2 more slabs apart from this one, listing all the famous Kings, Prince and VIPs who visited Innsbruck.



Hofburg Castle

Before we know it, we have visited all of the attractions in Innsbruck. I was scratching my head. What are we going to do tomorrow?

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