Sunday, December 23, 2018

Google HQ & Facebook

28th Oct 2012

Here we go to the heart of Silicon Valley where the headquarter of Google & Facebook reside. It was a cool sunny day and I can't wait to see the office where I can only dream of working. 

Although I like each of the pieces but someone should have told me that putting all of them together is a fashion offense!

I like this building the most where all the Android OS came to play at the lobby entrance. 

So cute!
I've got myself a visitor pass to step into Google's office but I am not sure if I can take pictures inside so I decided to just take it in with my eyes. 

Sometime later, I was watching "The Internship" movie (where it was filmed here) and was so excited to see the filming location where I once stepped foot on. 

Most people would dream of working in Google. After all, they have one of the best employee benefits. 

Lunch Time: Let me check the menu online. Oh, they are serving Japanese food at the other building. I am going for my lunch there today. After all, Google serves free meals and snacks. 

After Lunch: Yawn! I had too much for lunch. So sleepy. Let me book a sleeping pod. Zzz for an hour

2PM: Ahh...refreshed from my power nap. Just in time for my next meeting. Call up my mates. Hey, let's use the Conference bike to brainstorm. Cycling in what looks like 7 bicycles joint together we came up with a brilliant idea for our next presentation to Dalai Lama. 

5PM: All this cycling hurts my muscles. Checks out the massage center. Suddenly thought of a dinner with my date tonight and my hair is shaped like Marge Simpson. Yikes

5:30PM: Goes to the on-site hair salon truck. Snip snip...I look gooood.

6PM: Time to go home! Slides down from the gigantic slide and hopped up to the Google shuttle to bring me home. 

OK, this is all made up and doesn't represent the daily work life of a Google employee but no harm to day dream about it :)

Just passing by Facebook! Just around the corner of Google. Give a little Likey-likey!

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