Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 7 - 18th Oct 08

Spa - Kuta square
. is our last day in Bali.
It is nice to wrap up our trip to Bali with a 2 hour spa. Rubbing away all the sores from walking everywhere and rejuvenating ourselves. Bali Ratu is just a couple of steps away from our Febris Hotel.

Bali Ratu has 2 storeys of spa rooms. Giving us privacy. The service was professional where they will show you the locker just beneath the bed and the key tied around your wrist. They will explain the spa regiments to you before it start and show you the time when they start and tell you when it will end. Ensuring you that you get a full 2 hours of spa. After changing into our Japanese inspired Yukata, we had a flower foot bath and gentle scrubbing. After that, we were zipped into a steamer. The sunburn starts to hurt then. After steaming, the massage started. I was always pretty scared as the last time I had a massage, I ended up feeling pain all over my body. However, the massage is soothing and feels completely rejuvenated. After the massage, I was splashed with warm milk and covered up to let the milk take effect. After that, there was the boreh scrub. The spa ended with a floral bath. I was sooo happy as I've never been in a floral bath before with so many flowers in the tub. After a good soak, I prep myself up again. Comb etc were provided. I was even given a survey form to fill after the whole treatment!

I waited for my Su and Jess while sipping ginger tea. It's so relaxing I feel sad that we are going to leave Bali after this :(

For lunch, we had ayam betutu. Spicy "Kampung" chicken served with vegetable and rice. The food is always nice here and we were sweating like a pig...the spicy dishes do not help. Talking about pig, our agent came over to bid us farewell. She brought "babi guling"/roasted pork. A special delicacy in Bali..a must try. It's very yummy with all the special "bumbu"/spices.

We still have about 3 hours before our flight. As we still could not get enough of shopping, we decided to dash for some last minute shopping nearby. We stumbled on a shop "Joger". I totally like this unique shop where it sells everything from clothes & souvenier. The other night, I though my eyes were playing trick on me as I saw a sign "Authorized Monkey Changer". Well, it's not in broad daylight now. The shop has unique signs all over the place. There was a sign saying "Thinking too hard is forbidden here". There was a section on children's clothes. The sign boasting "Section for midgets" and you have to bend and crawl to get inside as the entrance is just about 3 foot tall.

Compared to elsewhere, the quality here is much better. Everything is unique and funny. Although our bags are full but we still bought some slippers that is too cute to miss. I got one for myself in pretty pink and blue. When both slippers are put side by side, the picture of a flower fits together. I have never seen such a soft rubbery slipper before and love it sooo much!

Well then, time is ticking. Time to go. You know what? Of all the places I went, there are certain places that I would just visit once and there are some places that I would like to come back. Bali is a place on my Come-Back list. It is affordable, people are friendly, food is good, scene is fantastic, the spa is so perfect and also a large selection of very beautiful hotels to choose from for the ultimate self pampering getaway.

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