Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 2 - 6th May 09

Madame Tussauds - St. James Park

Ahh...healthy breakfast to start the day

For an even healthier breakfast... add some fresh raspberries and blueberry
I am so jealous of the people here. Back at home, we don't get such fresh berries. Even when it arrived, the taste has degraded.

Our first stop of the day at Madam Tussauds

Warning! The following pictures contained a lot of poser shots. Watch at your own risk.



Justin....finally i get to hug him. obviously he was too cool to smile :p

angelina was standing beside him though...


a chat with tom cruise..hehe

miley - i am just taking this shot for my brother

aishwarya rai - the prettiest of them all

robin williams asked me if i could do a jig with him. well, how could i resist!

Shrek - and I did not notice the tiny gingerbread man when i was there

jim carrey presenting a new talent

newly added into the royal family

E=mc2 ... OK, i don't get it!

Dalai Lama!

Presenting the awards to Britney! Amy Winehouse is looking "green" in envy from behind

Oh well! How about a pose together to make up, Amy?

Michael Jackson : "Hey that's my mic!!"

Proof of why i got kicked out from Destiny's Child audition


I should take one with Fidel Castro shouldn't I? Steady-Steady...

Obama...Unfortunately, he came a bit too pricey. The new president needs to be paid before anyone can take photos with him.

I am Hitler and always will be!

Princess Diana...

Mmmmm.... yummy choco fountains

Strolling in St. James Park. One of London's most beautiful park

We are finally at Buckhingham Palace

At the podium in front of the palace

Second Warning! The following pictures contained more poser shots. Watch at your own risk.

These pictures are taken in St. James Park

We just love sitting under the green lushes. Resting our sore feet while figuring out where we are!

London's signature: The double decker bus and the red telephone booth

I thought theatres are Boring... However, TH booked us to Phantom of the Opera. I went in without much expectation. Just hoping I dont fall asleep.

Lo and behold! I fell in looooove with the show. It's AMAZING. The music, the lighting, the sounds, the acts, the actors, the amazing voices, spectacular props. It's one of the best thing I've done in UK. After we came out, we so wanted to catch another famous theatre - Les Miserables (later corrected by our UK frens that it's pronounces as "Lei Mi-se-rabs"). Unfortunately, another theatre could not fit into our schedule. I would really wanted to go back London to catch Les Miserables one day....

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