Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 4 - 8th May

Notre Dame - Louvre

We started our breakfast with something extraordinary. Escargot! If I am richer, I would love to have more than this. Hehe!

Presenting the famed Notredam!

I am awed with those Gargoyles guarding the cathedral

We later had a leisure stroll from Notre Dame to Louvre. We don't mind getting lost in the crowd as each time we got lost, we stumbled upon some pleasant to the eyes surprises.

Police patrolling crowded area. That's really good! This is one of the bridge where youths sit, relax, drink and relax even more.

One of the church we stumbled upon while searching for Louvre Museum

We walked inside this arch and I was busy taking picture of the buildings, I did not even realized that this piramid thing (the thing I was searching for) was just right in front of me. LOL! I was so excited and keep screaming "We found it! We found it!". Su and TH were like DUH! We've seen it 5 minutes ago.

It's getting dark and cold. Our camera could not work much longer in the dark. We passed through this nice looking hotel on the way to the Metro.

Oh yes! Don't forget to try Macarons while in France. Bon Appetit!


kity said...

You have long vercation...BTW, I am in Poland now, I went Prague last weekend...Cheer!!

Author: Havana said...

wow! din tell me. C'mon share some eastern europe pix to me....HEHE