Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 11 : 15th May

Retracing the path...

Since we had a kitchen in our hostel, why not take advantage of it? Believe me, I am beginning to miss home food. Here I am eating Maggi Mee. Ahhhh.... I am so glad we took it with us.

How about trying some local equivalent. Hmm...doesnt come close :(
It felt like eating some tiny noodle floating in a pool of tamoto sauce.

This took forever to cook but still came up hard on the inside. Maybe we cooked it the wrong way but not feasible.

Remember yesterday we lost all our pictures as the SD card was broken? Today, we had to trace back the path we took so we can retake all those pictures. On top of that, we have to cover 2nd day's itenary. Felt like an Amazing Race but I know we are going to make it and have fun doing it!

We went back to Prague Castle via Charles bridge. We were in luck today as St. Vitus cathedral is open to the public today. Come to think about it, maybe it's our destiny to visit St. Vitus cathedral.

This cathedral was as beautiful as the Notre Dame. The painting on the glass window was more elaborate and the entire cathedral exudes a Gothic feel.

I am skipping other pictures from Prague Castle as you have seen them all in my previous post :)

Today, we are also visiting the Jewish Quarter (Josefov). Entrance to Jewish Quarter is a bit tricky as it requires different tickets and they are pretty costly! So we decided to just wander around the neighbourhood.

Like most European cities, there will be at least one Jewish Quarter. The Jews were forced to vacate their homes and were contained here. Walking down the quarters with their Synagogues gave an eerie and uneasy feeling.

We were heading to the restaurant recommended by Hostel Bridge. The restaurant received some good reviews from previous patrons. So why not?

Along the way, we came across a line of awesome looking cars.
A Maserati...

And a Moo-serati :P
It's so cute!

Finally, we arrived in the witch themed restaurant. Oh lookie, here's a witch presenting the menu of the day.

Menu of the day
  • Bull's gall served with ants egg
  • Pig's brain garnished with Moonwort

  • Roasted honey black fat cat

Ok ok. The restaurant served nothing near to that. In fact, it has the best potato crisp stuffed with loads of blue cheese.

Dessert... We bought it from one of the choc shop in town. Yummy & brings you to ecstasy.

We went back to Old Town Square to capture the picture we had lost. We went back to watch the Astronomical clock perform again. I think we watched it at least 3 times as we walk back and forth of Old Town. Oh well, we clapped for the clock after it performed each time. We spent the rest of the afternoon leisurely walking around Old Town and allowed ourselves to drown into the beautiful landscape. I was saving to buy some souvenier from Prague. I was a bit disappointed as Prague doesn't have many distinct souvenier. Everything was mass produced and all the souvenier shops offered similar goods but maybe not similar price depending on your bargaining skills.

The Prague Ghost Tour promoters... the tour starts at night and brings you to view the haunts of the city.

Lookie. Prague did not want doggies to miss out the view. Here's a free doggie soil paper equipped with a "spade" when doggie poo-poo.

As though Prague knew it's our last night here, we were surprised with a firework show.
What a wonderful closing to our visit :)

Right click
here or the picture below to enjoy the fireworks just as we did!

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