Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 16 : 20th May 09

It's been awhile seen I write. I guess I need to gather myself up. As this blog is dedicated to Puffy, she will be my inspiration to write. Till we meet again...I am sure one day we will and hope you'll still remember me :)

Amsterdam Day

If you have not notice yet, I have skipped Day 15. I bet you don't want me to tell you about my excruciating 6.5 hour train journey from Berlin to Amsterdam. That's not including the 1 hour delay of the train in Berlin.

We always got excited seeing this during our train ride. They looked even more beautiful watching them with our own eyes with their blades slowly spinning and their vast amount scattered around the hills.

We followed the Red Light District Tour. But pictures are not allowed etc etc. So there goes our Day 15.

So today is Amsterdam day - Day 16.

We had so much fun during the Sandeman's walking tour in Berlin. We decided to join Sandeman's in Amsterdam. Here's Amsterdam’s main train terminal where we grouped up.

Seas of bicycles. Like what Steve (our other tour guide to Red Light District) said … In Amsterdam, apart from trams, you have to lookout for “killer” bicycles. They are fast & furious.

It's hot and sunny. The Westeners stood under the sun while we stood under the shade as the tour guide talks.

Western Guy thinks : They are weird. I love the sun! Think I am going to worship the sun today.

Eastern (us) thinks : They are weird. I see sun all year round! Boring...

Somebody call 911!

You can’t find such museum at home. I wonder what they have in the museum’s souvenier shop.

Ahhh…dreaming about Venice? This is the closest alternative we can get from our trip.

Multatuli the famous Dutch writer

Remember Anne Frank? The German Jewish who fled with her family to Netherland hiding from the WWII. This is Anne Frank’s house. Anne wrote a really moving diary on her life living in a confinement. Her dreams to become a journalist which was never fulfilled as the family was captured and sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp either to be slaved or face death. Anne’s mother died of starvation. Her sister died of a torturing sickness. Her friends died in the gas chamber. Anne who was forced to haul rocks and bitten by a skin disease later died possibly of a Typhus Epidemic.

Out in the blue, there’s a temple in the middle of Red Light District.

We ended our walking tour in Dam Square. Dam Square is probably the most happening square in Amsterdam with the Royal Palace, National Monument, Madam Tussauds and hotels surround this square.

Our friend Daniel and his cute daughter, Debbie. She was playful with us until Su tried to “kidnap” her. She’s been sticking to her dad like glue since then.

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