Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nusa Dua & Kuta Beach

day 1 : 11th July 11

It's vacation time again! I've never been to somewhere twice. It's never been my motto but there are certain places that you just had to make an exception.

That's right, I am going back to Bali again :)
We were already in the airport at dawn & with my last minute packing that stretched till wee hours in the morning the night before...all I looked forward to is to get some sleep in the plane before the adventure unfolds in Bali.

As I buckled up, someone leaned over and wanted to play with me. He kept giving us a big smile and laughing...so cute! In this picture, he's playing with his bunny and wants me to have it too. He's in a playful mood, stepping over his dad and hurling his bunny back & forth in the air. Not to mention hitting his mom's head with the bunny as he swings the bunny backwards. Then he started to hit his head on the chair...more like head banging. LOL! He's so adorable & smiles at everyone. I think he should be a rocker when he grows up.

55 mins from Penang to Kuala Lumpur & Another 3 hours from there to Bali

Outside of the airport, I saw a guy holding up my name.

"Selamat datang ke Bali" greeted Wayan, our driver, with his hands clasped together.

Without wasting any time, we headed to our first stop - Nusa Dua to watch the blow hole aka water blow. Strong waves pushes sea waters against the narrow reef's opening causing the water to shoot up into the sky.

It was a hot & sunny afternoon & we could not see the full might of the water blow. But it could shoot up to 8 meters high on a windy day

The beautiful surrounding around the blow hole

Don't most of us set this picture as our wallpaper? Well, I don't need to today coz I am already here! Yippeee!

We were back from the classy Nusa Dua and entered the busy streets of Kuta. Along the way, I saw

Our first encounter with Bali's traffic. I don't remember facing such jam 3 years ago while I was in Bali

The Vira Bali where I stayed 3 years ago. I am amazed at how little things changed here. As we headed to Kuta beach, the roads we passed felt like I've just been here yesterday.

The famous Kuta beach in Bali

This dude reminds me of Shia Lebouf from Transformers (click to enlarge photo). Though I am not sure if Shia's body looked this hot. Hehe

Surfers everywhere

Even this kid looked like a pro

Bay Watching :)

and strolling along the coastline while watching the sunset

For dinner, I wanted to enjoy the Thai food at Kin Khao again. 3 years ago, we had an unforgettable meal where we almost burst our tummy

Hmm...but it didn't tasted that good anymore :(

It's time to check in to check out our hotel - Danny's Homestay. I would describe this unmarked 3 star hotel as the little hidden escapade from the city. It's just a few steps away from the busy Legian street. Plus, it even has a Circle K convenience store next to it.

It's really refreshing the moment we stepped inside. We were greeted by 2 friendly teenage staff who carried our bags & introduced us to our room. We were told that we can make the hotel payment when we check out. Wow! I've never experience any hotel trusting their patrons so much. All I know is, pay before you stay.

As I could not even trust myself that much, I surrendered my money to them first

The room was clean & came with a big bathroom. Bigger than most of the hotels out there. The design is clean with a minimalist approach. My room is also facing the pool which adds more glee.

It's only 9:30PM. Too early to be sleeping on a holiday. So we headed down to Legian street. I don't remember getting anything from Legian street the last time. Guess what? I did not get anything too this time. Legian to me is kind of ... messy. I don't really remember the shops there too because most of the time, I was looking down making sure I did not fall into any pot holes.

Legian is still popular among tourists. Maybe some find Legian interesting but not me. So, we grabbed some ice cream and headed back to enjoy in our cozy little hotel.


Anonymous said...

The kid on the plane looks cute! Hahaha..

Anonymous said...

The beaches are so inviting !!
Excellent photos and write out.

usavich said...

More photos More photos :)

Anjali said...

Hello QQ,
How much did you spend for the trip ? It looks interesting. Thank you.

Chris said...

Hi QQ,

Traffic wasn't that bad a couple of years ago. I was at Kuta.

Bali lover

Lisa said...

I am going to Bali !!!

Anonymous said...

Is Bali hazy at this time of the year ?

Anonymous said...

Very informative and helpful. I will be visiting Bali soon.
Well done. Im from the US staying in Thailand currently.