Monday, July 18, 2011

Los Angeles - Universal Studio & LA Live

Here I am in this sunny day in Universal Studio, Hollywood :)

Walking the red carpet into the studio

So many colors and shops at Universal CityWalk. If it looks that good in the morning, it'll look even cooler when the lights come out at night.

All those excitement and we have not even stepped into Universal Studio. Here we are at the first attraction inside the Universal Studio.

Aww...why Alex is crying on the floor?

Guessed someone did not get his morning meat today

Growl...I am hungry. I need a zebra

Alex, get up lazy lion! Say Cheeze...

I am not sure who this character is...for now, I'll call him monkey

The epitome in Universal. I am about to enter Krustyland from my favorite cartoon series The Simpsons. Yahoo!

Apu entertained us while we waited in anticipation for our ride. The story appeared that SideShow Bob escaped from prison and wanted to revenge on Krusty the clown. So he decided to jeopardize the rides in Krustyland (yup! the ride we are about to take with the Simpson's family). It was the most thrilling 4-D ride as we reeled down the roller-coaster, almost hit our heads on the giant donut in Springfield, splashing into a river and .... well not too much spoiler here...hehe...

Outside, we met Marge & Homer :)

This one scared the hell outta me. He'll creep behind you. His face just behind your ears and when you feel someone breathing down your neck, you turned around and stared into a mean looking creature with panther eyes.

This is the most exhilarating ride ever! I'd like to do it again anytime. While the stories of the mummy curse unfolds, mummies coming alive & fluorescent ghost chasing after us in complete darkness. Hurling us up and toppling us down backwards, spirits & scarab beetles creeping on you...and it all suddenly ends with an extremely bright light that blinded all of us. Phew! Thinking of it makes me wanna do it again!

As we disembarked from the ride, Scooby Doo made an appearance

Kids loved getting themselves wet in this Coka-Cola playground

As we frolicked around, Shrek, Princess Fiona & Spongebob waved at us

So...Shrek 4-D, here we come!

Another classics in Universal Terminator 2:3D. Apart from the funny acting, the 3D effects were one of the best I've seen.

It's time to descend down the long flight of escalators where the studio sets are

No Universal Studio trip is complete without the ride into the movie sets. Here we have the scene from Fast & Furious

It looked all quiet...

Until a giant wave of water came surging at us!

Aha...where all the cowboy movies at

Movie set from Jaws

The highlight of the ride is no doubt the ride into the set of Desperate Housewives. Here are all the houses in Wisteria Lane.

Wisteria Lane looked so much smaller than in the show! It looked like it was shrunk twice in size-The effects of the movie

Next is an airplane crash scene from Steven Spielberg's movie

If we concentrated hard the next time we watch a movie, this scene was actually used plenty of time.

The Bates Motel from the movie Psycho (1959). It sure looks creepy and I wonder if anyone in their sane mind would check into this motel in the first place.

Time to say goodbye to my minions

We had a blast in Universal Studio today and it's time to unwind & relax in the city of angels.
How about a ride in this limo?

Well, maybe the next lifetime if we were born as celebrities. As of now, we're good walking and enjoying the breeze of LA. In the distance, is the LA Live and that's where we're heading

The Ritz & JW Marriott glowed elegantly in the night

LA Live! Staples Center!

MTV is about to host another show in LA Live

OK, here are clearer shots from Google images on Staples Center & LA Live.

We found a nice bar to unwind & I'll have my Patron Tequila. Watching the long line of party goers waiting to enter the bar

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